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Grace Mansion exists to provide safe, stable, affordable housing for individuals who are at risk of homelessness and are looking to work through barriers and issues that may have contributed to lack of housing. It is Grace Mansion’s goal to help residents build supports in the community and gain skills that will break the cycle of homelessness.


Grace Mansion is a drug and alcohol free facility, and is designed to be a ‘safe’ place for people to live and stabilize prior to full independent living. Residents are required to participate in two different streams of programs, one is regular meetings with designated program worker and the other is to patriciate in the Next Step Program which includes participation in different in house programs and activates.

The programs are designed to help residents make their own choices as they move toward goals that they set. Common goals for all residents include housing, and continued abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Other goals can include schooling, finding work, dealing with medical or mental health issues.

The program seeks to be less intense than a first stage addiction and mental health program, but regular meetings with Residential Workers are a requirement. Other support services include helping residents access external resources such as employment opportunity, housing assistance, and other programs designed to support the needs of those making positive changes in their lives.

We attempt in our programming and in our relationships to recognize that people have biological, psychological, social, and spiritual needs and gifts and we try to address and acknowledge those areas as best we can. Also, it is important to note that our programs are created with the basic premise in mind that all people are created in the image of Christ. Therefore, everyone is equal and everyone has unique gifts and strengths to offer.


Regular meetings with transitional housing program worker:

Setting your own measurable and attainable personal development goals and begin working towards them in a safe and secure environment.

Next Step Program:

• Metal health and addiction support group

• Individualized relapse prevention plan

• Housing referrals

• Outdoor activity and community engagement

• A/A ad N/A groups

• Spiritual care


Willingness to abide by the rules and regulations of Grace Mansion , a desire to live in drug and alcohol free environment and an active participation in the Next step Programs within Grace Mansion. This includes regular meetings with the program worker.

How to apply to Grace Mansion?

Application forms are available at our location.

View/download the Application Form

Important Information

• Please provide day and evening phone numbers, message phone number or the phone number of a contact person so that The Salvation Army Grace Mansion staff can contact you if needed.

• Please call in TWO (2) WEEKS (following your application) to confirm that the processing of your application has taken place.

• It is your responsibility to contact us monthly while on the waiting list should you desire to be accommodated and to keep your application active for 3 months.

• Please update your application if any of your information changes, this is especially important when you change contact information – phone number or address.

• Applicants where there has been no contact or follow up for a period longer than THREE (3) MONTHS will be considered INACTIVE.

• Should you have any questions or need further information, please contact our intake team at

(778) 329-0674.